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- Food Packaging (Snacks, Sugar, Noodles, Atta, Dairy Products, Beverages Etc )
- Pharmaceutical Packaging
- Liquid Packaging
- Seeds & Agrochemical Packaging
- Personal Care Products , Cosmetics Etc

Polyester Based Barrier Laminates (PET / M. Pet / PVDC Coated PET )
Poly Ethylene Based Barrier Laminates
Aluminium Based Barrier Laminates
Double Barrier Laminates ( Aluminium & BOPA )
Poly Polypropylene Based Barrier Laminates ( BOPP & CPP )
Roll Form
Stand Up Pouches / Zip Pouches
Spout Pouches
Shaped Pouches
Frozen Food Packaging Pouch
BOPP Pouch (Printed / Transparent )
Rice Packaging BOPP Pouch etc